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A fresh and contemporary take on a traditional inframe look, Ellesmere's superior smooth painted finish and subtle line detailing on the door means it's a home in both classic and contemporary settings. Choose a daring colour and combine with key design features such as slab drawers for a modern-day look.

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Ellesmere painted Slate Blue featuring statement fluted panelling in Dove Slate. Worktop and upstand is Dekton Vera.
A stunning fusion of classic meets contemporary in this galley view through slab drawerfronts on the island and more traditional centre paneled drawerfronts on the sink run.
Complementary furniture in the adjacent split-level room allows for continuity between living zones with this contemporary bookcase featuring matching square black handles and polished chrome legs.
Transform this space by incorporating over cabinet LED lighting for decorative purposes. Maximise storage with a functional floating shelf framed by tall units on either side.

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