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Sleek Serenity

A smooth and serene collection of ergonomically designed kitchens.

Smooth textures and opposing fusion of subdued and bold tones captures the essence of the Sleek Serenity collection. Created without compromise, these kitchens provide a dream setting for those who appreciate the benefits and beauty of ergonomic design. Usually occupying a bright and airy space and using sleep finishes and minimalist features, we show what is needed to build your modern paradise.

Clifden Heritage Green_Main Shoot_RGB.jpg


Ellesmere Slate Blue_Main Shoot_RGB.jpg


Harborne Light Grey_Main Shoot_RGB.jpg


Strada Gloss White and Aldana Dust Grey_Main Shoot_RGB.jpg

Strada Gloss

Strada Matte Cashmere_Main Shoot_RGB.jpg

Strada Matte

Strada Matte Lava and Tavola Carbon_Cameo 2_RGB.jpg

Strada Matte & Tavola

Zola Gloss Dust Grey and Tavola Carbon_Main Shoot_RGB.jpg

Zola Gloss & Tavola

Zola Soft Matte Indigo_Main Shoot_RGB.jpg

Zola Soft-Matte

Zola Soft-Matte Porcelain and Rezana Weathered Silver_Main Shoot_RGB.jpg

Zola Soft-Matte & Rezana

Sleek Serenity: Products
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