Outdoor kitchens

We want to work with a designers and manufacturers that create amazing spaces and kitchens that are in-line with our internal kitchens, ethos and objectives in creating design lead cooking environments that are unique and created for individuals. And for us there was only two companies we wanted to work with. To say we are pleased in being able to offer the OCQ Outdoor Cooking Queen product range, aligned with the amazing outdoor kitchens offered by the Spanish company Novara, we can meet with any design requirements.

To say we are delighted to be working with these two talented companies, would be an understatement.

We are confident that you will love OCQ and Novara kitchens as much as we do. So much so we are content in offering no other manufactures. We believe that our range offers a solution and design possibility for any and every requirement. Moreover, we believe there is no better offering for beautifully inspired design lead kitchens, substantiality, quality, and inimitability.

08_bbqube_stein_granit_beefeater-grill_foto oliver wenzig.jpg




02_bbqube_professional_foto bernd kammerer.jpg

BBQUBE Professional

07_bbqube_tisch1_hund_Foto Eberhard Sauer.jpg

BBQUBE Table and bench

05_white_kombi_bbq_Foto Philipp Sedlacek.jpg

OCQ Modular

OCQ_Modus_Garden Kitchen_5_Foto Philipp Sedlacek.jpg

OCQ Modus