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Outdoor kitchens

New to the outdoor kitchen space? If you enjoy your garden and wish you could do more outside, why not bring your cooking space with you! Impress your guests & family with these impressive & design-led outdoor kitchens, permanent all year round. Perfect for you to cook outside in style.  

Or, do you find yourself in need for an outdoor kitchen upgrade? Look no further! At Kitchens Lusso, we selected the best manufacturers that produce quality & unique designs. An outdoor kitchen that will be with you for years to come. 

Have a browse or contact us to talk about your style & needs for your new outdoor kitchen project. 

Outdoor Kitchens: Text
08_bbqube_stein_granit_beefeater-grill_foto oliver wenzig.jpg




02_bbqube_professional_foto bernd kammerer.jpg

BBQUBE Professional

07_bbqube_tisch1_hund_Foto Eberhard Sauer.jpg

BBQUBE Table and bench

05_white_kombi_bbq_Foto Philipp Sedlacek.jpg

OCQ Modular

OCQ_Modus_Garden Kitchen_5_Foto Philipp Sedlacek.jpg

OCQ Modus

Outdoor Kitchens: Projects
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