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Home offices

Your desk is your desk, and with the new norm moving more towards working from home, now is the time to make your space of productivity and peace exactly that.

Home Offices: Text
Clifden Heritage Green and Porcelain_Cameo 6_RGB.jpg

Clifden : Heritage & porcelain

Ellesmere Slate Blue and Light Grey_Cameo 3_RGB.jpg

Ellesmere : Dust grey

Wakefield Inframe Parisian Blue_Cameo 4_RGB.jpg

Wakefield Inframe Effect : Parisian blue

Florence Slate Blue_Cameo 6_RGB.jpg

Florence : Slate blue

Strada Gloss Light Grey_Cameo 4_RGB.jpg

Strada Gloss : Light grey & cameo

Strada Matte Cashmere_Cameo 6_RGB.jpg

Strada Matte : Cashmere

Strada Matte Lava and Tavola Carbon_Cameo 8_RGB.jpg

Strada Matte & Tavola : Carbon oak

Zola Soft-Matte Porcelain and Rezana Weathered Silver_Cameo 3_RGB.jpg

Zola Soft-Matte Rezana : Porcelain & rezana

Home Offices: Projects
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