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Zola Matte, Rezana & Ferro

Three door finishes that were born to live together, the Zola, Rezana and Ferro ranges celebrate their simple construction by sporting a spectacular selection of finishes. Rezana, with its cross scratched timber finish is the perfect compliment to Zola Matte and Ferro's unique oxidised copper look, resulting in a match made in heaven.

Zola Matte, Rezana & Ferro: Text
Zola Matte, Rezana & Ferro: Pro Gallery
Zola Matte, Rezana & Ferro: Text

Island features Ferro in Oxidized Copper and tall oven housing features brushed, cross scratched finish of Rezana in Espresso Oak. Worktop is Silestone Cemento Spa Quartz.
Larder with Zola Matte painted Lava and featuring shelving in Rezana Espresso Oak.
Detail showing handleless rail system in copper with Ferro drawer fronts in Oxidized Copper.
Rezana panels used to create a dramatic feature wall.

Zola Matte, Rezana & Ferro: Text
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