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VR Games

Be in your new kitchen, now.

At Kitchens Lusso London, we are proud to have the UK’s best virtual reality 4D design capabilities in-house, allowing our clients to step into their new kitchen, viewing all of their chosen products in a bespoke made design. Our free design service uses advanced Virtual Worlds software designed to bring future rooms to life, offering clients the chance to see how their new kitchen, indoors or outdoors will look ahead of the installation. From here, clients are free to make any amendments to the layout, change products or play around with colour schemes, ensuring that the end product is exactly as they envisioned.

VR Experience: Welcome

A home experience like no-other

Welcome to Virtual Worlds

Using start-of-the-art software, we build a visual representation of our future projects. This not only allows you to view the room in front of you on a screen but through a VR headset, you can step virtually into your new space – you will even be able to test how some of the appliances work and furniture units open and close! Couple this with the hundreds of display items that can be incorporated into your design, and you have the freedom to personalise every aspect of your new space to your style, requirements, and budget.

VR Experience: Video

The 4D design and planning process

Creating your dream Kitchen has never been easier, and we always strive to ensure that our client’s needs are met at every stage of the project. When opting for our innovative design and planning services, here is what to expect from the process:

Strada Gloss Light Grey_Main Shoot_RGB.jpg
Image by Callum Hill
Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Maxim Hopman

Showroom visit

During your initial showroom visit, you can browse through over 100 samples from leading brands and manufacturers, putting together a list of products you would like to see in your design.

Taking measurments

Once you have chosen your favourite products, we will arrange for a member of our team to visit your home to take measurements of the space you intend to use to create your beautiful kitchen.

Create custom design

Using your selected products, along with your kitchen specifications, our Design and Sales team will put a custom-made design together to replicate how your space will look upon completion.

Your experience

You will be invited to pop back to our showroom at a time and date that best fits your schedule, or we can offer you limited cloud based access to view your new kitchen. We can discuss with you any changes and begin finalising your design.

VR Experience: Features
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